Anjini Dhawan: I prefer dancing and gymnastics to running on a treadmill – Times of India

With gyms open now, people are heading back to their workouts and for Anjini Dhawan, she does that too, but coupled with a bunch of other regimens. Says Anjini, who’s actor Varun Dhawan‘s niece, “Exercise is a very important part in my life but just going to the gym is a little boring for me so I mix it up with my dance classes, kickboxing and gymnastics. Dancing and gymnastics are my favourite form of cardio, I rather do that over running on a treadmill.”

‘I miss travelling so much’

While she likes to work out regularly, eating right is a big part of staying fit and she has a plan in place. “I do intermittent fasting and, in fact, I’ve fully made that a part of my life,” she admits. “I love eating my junk food, too so doing intermittent fasting helps me balance it out. So, I guess eating right is very important, but more than that, eating at the correct time matters. I don’t eat late at all and finish my dinner by 7.30 pm.”

It was not the same earlier, she explains. “I wasn’t always on the lean side. I was a very healthy kid and I had to lose 13 kilos initially, which was very difficult. I was on a very strict, healthy diet, but it was very short term because I’m a big foodie and I need my pizza too,” she laughs, adding, “Currently though, I’m on a weight gain diet so there’s a lot of avocados, dates, dry fruits and smoothies, which I’m enjoying a lot.”

On the other front, with travel opening up, Anjini can’t wait to head to one of her fave destinations. She says, “I miss travelling so much! I’m waiting to go to London. My best friend is studying there, too so I’m super-excited to hopefully go soon and meet her.”

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