#BillboardApologizeToBTS: ARMY hail BTS leader RM for polite response to allegations of “manipulating” music chat success – Times of India

K-Pop superstars BTS received major backing from their global ARMY when questioned about their phenomenal success. The Bangtan boys – RM, Jin, Jimin, JungKook, SUGA, V and J-Hope- have become a force to reckon with, following the success of their 2021 summer release, ‘Butter‘.

The boys ruled the Billboard music charts for a record 9 weeks on number 1 and a total of 13 weeks (to date) in the top 10. In an interview with the portal, the group spilled the beans about their superstardom and phenomenal success. However, one question in particular, touching upon the allegations of BTS ARMY manipulating music chart data and how they were involved in mass streaming activity and bulk buying, thus directly affecting the popularity ratings of the songs.

ARMY got the hashtag #BillboardApologizeToBTS trending worldwide for even asking the boys what they thought of the ranking system. Calling the question ‘offensive’ ARMY slammed the portal for the remark.

Billboard noted that fans would boost sales by purchasing multiple versions of the same song and manipulate other such ‘loopholes’.

While BTS’ leader RM did call it a ‘fair question’, he also defended ARMY and recommended that the portal change its ranking system.

“If there is a conversation inside Billboard about what being No. 1 should represent, then it’s up to them to change the rules and make the streaming weight more on the ranking,” RM said.

Going on to defend his fans, he added, “Slamming us or our fans for getting to No. 1 with physical sales and Downloads, I Don’t know if that’s right… it just feels like we’re easy targets because we’re a boy band, a K-pop act and we have this high fan loyalty.”

While some fans took offence at the comment and demanded an apology, others applauded their leader Namjoon for the way he handled the question.

The BTS fandom is angered as they believe the band is receiving unfair treatment because they are a foreign group entering the American music market.

Over the past months, the group has been accused of chart manipulation by various industry insiders from around the globe. While some claimed that ARMY has been manipulating the charts, others have claimed that their global success was ‘corporate manufactured.

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