David Adefeso Continues To Post Live Videos With Fans

David Adefeso continues the series of live videos with his fans. Check out the third one that he shared.

‘SUNDAY’s LIVE: PART 3 (Final) As promised, here is the final part. Once again, thanks to everyone that joined the Live session. I’ve gotten tons of questions over the past few weeks and months so I will try to do this every now and then to answer as many as I can. Hope you had as much fun as I did,’ he captioned his post.

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Someone said: ‘Can’t wait for your Sunday live again! Always interactive.’

The other day, he shared the second part of the live videos and he captioned it with the following words:

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‘SUNDAY’s LIVE: PART 2 Thanks to everyone that joined my Live session yesterday. I’ve been getting tons of questions over the past few weeks and months so I decided to answer as many as I could – and nothing was off limitsHope you had as much fun as I did.’

David Adefeso     is flaunting an AMA session on social media. Check out his post here.

‘Although I consider everyday a new opportunity to achieve greater heights, many would consider me an epitome of the American Dream. Rising from poverty and homelessness, I have had the opportunity to do things many only dream of: like earning a Harvard MBA, doing multi billion dollar cross-border investment banking deals on private jets and limousines, and advising millionaires and billionaires on ways to increase their wealth,’ David captioned his post.

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