Gabrielle Union Shows Fans What Loving Support Looks Like

Gabrielle Union is showing her fans and fillwoe5rs what loving support looks like these days. Check out her video.

‘What loving support looks like 🖤🖤every time I go away for work and I’m away from my family, it’s brutal and I always question if I’m making the best decision but what @dwyanewade surprised me with on my last day of filming reminded me that with the support of my husband and family I can do anything and thrive. I was completely shocked hence why I have ugly cry face for so much of the video but so so so happy. Thank you baby!! You are #ThePerfectFind PS Yessssss I ❤ Shania Twain and The Bee Gees!! He knows meeeeeeeee
PSS HUGE thank you to @cornbreadnewarknj & @vibezjuicecafe for providing the food for the DELICIOUS wrap feast!!’ Gaby captioned her post.

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Someone said: ‘WOOOOOOW🔥🔥🔥. He just fucked it up for the rest of us😂👏🏽’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I cried with you. ❤️Also, my man ain’t shit 😂 we wrapped Beast yesterday and zero flash mobs 🥴’

Another follwoer posetd this: ‘This display of love elevates us all. Truly beautiful ❤️❤️’ and a fan said: ‘So… this is how best friends who marry create beautiful life !!! 🤗🤗..👏👏👏 @dwyanewade’

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Someone else said: ‘When a man loves his wife🙏💫 That was everything,’ and a fan said: ‘It’s the thought and time for me…. I wish this generation knew that this is what real love is not buying a damn car for every holiday or birthday or handing over stacks of money cause how many got damn cars does one need anyway😂😂😂 but knowing someone, and what they like and what makes them smile.. knowing there songs, laughing , being goofy and taking time to think of what would bring joy to the person they love… he is a real one for this and you deserve it all❤️’

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