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Gujarati folk singer and former contestant of ‘Bigg Boss’ Arvind Vegda wants the makers of ‘Bhuj: The Pride Of India’ to give due to credit to the bhavai folk theatre and the Nayak community for using the song Bhai Bhai—Bhala Mori Rama in their upcoming film.

Arvind said that Bhai Bhai – Bhala Mori Rama is a drama format of Gujarat of the 13th century which went extinct and he helped popularize it again in 2011 after he researched and launched it again with a different flavor. He said, “It has been loved by people and has become Gujarat’s anthem song. It is not the first time any filmmaker has use the song without giving us credit. Sanjay Leela Bhansali had used it in ‘Ram Leela’ and when we protested, he had termed it as a folk but it isn’t. It is Bhavai, a theatre folk from Gujarat. That time we couldn’t do much as there was social media was not powerful. Now we saw the same song that was released on Sanjay Dutt’s birthday.”

Arvind said we are not looking for monetary gains but we should get due credit for the song. He said, “If you take a song that is based on Gujarat culture and in this case it is bhavai due credit should be given to the artiste associated with it and I am not saying that you need to pay them money it should be in the film credits. These artistes are trying hard to save their tradition which has been popularized by me, so due credit is definitely needed.”

Arvind also feels that old traditional folk of other states like Maharashtra should also get due credit if used in cinema and he will continue to voice the protest. He adds, “The format used in bhavai is fun music but there is a message also associated with it. Now the song is out and I want to know in what context is it used in the film.”

“It has happened in the past to me twice but it should not happen in the future and therefore we want to fight for the credit to set an example that commercial films cannot avoid regional artistes.’’ Arvind concludes.

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