HowIMadeIt! Preeti Sood: “Cleavage and thigh exposure is a must, a filmmaker told me” – Times of India

Preeti Sood, Sanober of MX Player’s ‘Ashram’, is doing well for herself now but it has been quite a rollercoaster ride till now. Preeti, who’s our guest this week on HowIMadeIt is candid about casting couch, Instagram value, inexplicable auditions and of course her game-changer ‘Ashram’ directed by Prakash Jha.

Preeti has had her share of auditions which left her quizzical. “Someone would say that I am too fair for the role, while someone would say that I am too young/old for it. I had a lot of questions but they weren’t answered. Worse, I was replaced in a film at the last minute and was told that this was happening because I was prettier than the heroine!”

And then game the game-changer, MX Player’s ‘Ashram’ starring Bobby Deol. “I managed my scenes in one take, mostly. It was great working with Mr Prakash Jha.”

Goes without saying that we spoke to Preeti also about how she saved two girls and busted a child trafficking incident in Mumbai, not too long ago. Describing it, Preeti says that a friend came and told her that two young girl children in a salon were being dressed up rather too fishily. Preeti swung into action and landed up at the place in question. What followed was a drama where the girl-power won and the police was called.

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