Mahesh Manjrekar on the ‘Antim’ – ‘Sooryavanshi’ clash: Films have clashed in the past, and yet both have done well – Exclusive! – Times of India

Director Mahesh Manjrekar promises that the audiences will see totally different versions of Salman Khan and Ayush Sharma in his film ‘Antim’ that is slated for release in November.

Speaking about the two actors Manjrekar says, “I guarantee you that you will see a different Ayush and Salman in the film. It’s going to be a big surprise and you will see how Salman Khan has approached the role. He has done a brilliant job and you will not believe that you’re watching the same Ayush, who has done a film before.”

When asked if Salman Khan is making a guest appearance in ‘Antim’, Manjrekar says, “It’s not a special appearance but a full fledged role and he is going to surprise the audience with his performance and so will Ayush.”

Talking about the reported box office clash of ‘Antim’ with Rohit Shetty’s ‘Sooryavanshi’ in November, he says, “Antim is releasing in November but we are yet to decide on the date. But, a clash of films is unavoidable now, since there is a backlog of two years. A lot it is stake and there have been examples in the past where films have clashed on the same release date and yet both have done well.”

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