Saira Banu out of ICU; ‘Neither battling depression nor avoiding angiography,’ says Dr Nitin Gokhale – Exclusive! – Times of India

There are some reports on the Internet, attributed to a doctor, saying that Saira Banu is not letting the doctors at Hinduja do an angiography on her (as she has left ventricular failure) and battling depression. Everything has been so conveniently contrived it seems, as ETimes once again brings you the cardiologist attending on her, Dr Nitin Gokhale, talking about her current health status.

Dr Gokhale emphatically clarifies, “Sairaji is not battling depression, plus she is not being difficult at all which in other words means she is not avoiding angiography.”

“The angiography as I told you last time will be done at a later date after we control her diabetes. So where’s the question of she saying ‘no’ to it?” Dr Gokhale further said.

Dr Gokhale went on to reveal that Saira Banu has been shifted out from the ICU now. “She’s gone to a room. She is much better, in fact, fine,” he signed off.

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