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Be it through television, theatres, OTT platforms, or films, Shreyas Talpade feels that, for an actor, staying connected to the audience is more important than thinking about the medium during these testing times. After working in more than 40 films, Shreyas has made a comeback on the small screen with the Marathi show, ‘Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath. ETimes reached out to the actor to know more about his decision to return to TV after doing some noteworthy films, and also spoke about his short film, and plans of working on ‘Golmaal 5‘. This is what the actor has to say:

“I am feeling great and happy to be back on TV as the subject and the role is nice. The whole dynamics of the entertainment industry have changed in the past couple of years. It is no more about the big screen or the small screen–everything is on the phone’s screen now. And the good part is that you just need to keep performing; if you are good at it, people will like it, and if you are not, they will keep you apart. So now, with the emergence of the OTT platforms, these channels have also pulled up their socks and are trying something that was never tried before. So that was the thing which I liked and the response was also overwhelming, so we continued to do the work,” Shreyas gushes.

Ask him whether returning to the small screen after doing films has ever worried him and the ‘Iqbal’ actor explains, “The majority of the population now doesn’t think like that. In Hollywood it is a norm; they don’t find it odd when a film actor does a show on TV. It is only here in India that we initially tried to intellectualise things. But these days there are no such parameters left, what with people having their own YouTube channels and becoming equally popular. I firmly believe that the medium should not be an obstacle for an actor. He goes on to point out how there were naysayers when Amitabh Bachan came on TV during ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’. “The amount of popularity that TV gave him once again at that time, was phenomenal”. And then we saw the biggest actors coming on TV and doing fiction and non-fiction shows. So, when TV gives you that kind of reach, popularity, adulation, and love, everything that an actor needs, why should we stay away?” wonders the actor.

Recalling an incident during the filming of his debut Bollywood film ‘Iqbal’, where he was suggested by the film’s team to not opt for any TV show, Shreyas shares, “Before ‘Iqbal’ I was doing TV, so when the film was in post-production, I had gotten offers for a couple of TV shows in Hindi, and I remember checking with the team if I could take them up but they restricted me, saying if I do TV shows, then why would people come to the theatres to watch me. Today things have changed; people have moved on for the better. The kind of response that I have received for this show now is outstanding and unbelievable”. He also emphasises the need to stay connected, adding, “The audience keeps an actor alive. So, it is important to stay connected,” Shreyas observes.

Apart from this TV show, Shreyas also has a few projects lined up for this year. “I did a short film recently. I also did a film with Mahesh Manjrekar. I will be directing a film soon, there are a few other projects, and, of course, this show; this year looks packed. So, I need to take care of my health to do this amount of work. I am also associated with Delphic Maharashtra, which is to art and culture what Olympic is to sport. Honestly, I didn’t have an idea about it earlier, but while I was working on my own OTT platform, I came across this; I am really looking forward to it. With this, we will get to see the talent across the nation and the world on that platform,” the actor reveals.

On being asked about the much-awaited project ‘Golmaal 5’, Shreyas says, “Our captain Rohit Shetty would be the right person to answer this question. Personally, I feel, in fact, every time we meet, we tend to speak about ‘Golmaal’ and all of us feel that maybe in such times, people would love a film like ‘Golmaal,’ to free their mind from stress and everything that is happening. So, yes, the entire team would want to start working on ‘Golmaal 5’, but the final call has to be taken by Rohit. So, whenever he decides–depending on the scenario and when theatres open–will he take a final call. But yes, as a team, we would love to work for ‘Golmaal 5’ as soon as possible”.

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