Thankful to Indian women’s hockey team for giving us a chance to relive Chak De! India: Chitrashi Rawat – Times of India

“For all of us Chak De girls, it is a month of celebrations, yet again. Our movie Chak De! India released on August 10, 2007 and today (in August) we got the news that our Indian women’s hockey team has created history by entering the semi-finals at the Tokyo Olympics. For me, it is like reliving the excitement all over again. I can’t contain my happiness and excitement ever since I woke up and got the news,” says Chitrashi Rawat, who played Komal Chautala in the blockbuster movie Chak De! India, and someone who started playing hockey at the age of 17.

Chitrashi adds that she can’t stop watching highlights of the quarterfinal between India and Australia and as she has been watching them, the stills from the movie have been running at the back of her mind. “This is so nostalgic. While I am extremely proud of what our girls have achieved today and very happy, I can’t help but recall the moments from the games, practice that we went through when we were shooting the film. I have been seeing pictures, highlights from the recent match and stills from the movie are running as a flashback in my memory. I am sure it is not just me, but everyone who watched Chak De would be drawing a parallel between the stills from the movie and the pictures from the real game in their mind. I think the journey of this team is very much similar to what was shown in the movie and that is what is making me feel more connected to this win. For me, who has been a hockey player, who was a part of the movie, it is a different feeling altogether. I am not just proud of this team, but also thankful to these girls for giving me a chance to relive those moments, feelings that we went through when we shot the movie, and saw it on the screen for the first time,” says Chitrashi.

She adds that she has been closely following all the hockey matches of Indian women’s team at the Tokyo Olympics so far. “I have been regularly watching the matches, following highlights and I am so so proud of Vandana Kataria, who became India’s first woman to score a hat-trick at the Olympics. We used to be in the camp together when I was training for hockey. I fondly remember all those training days with her,” says Chitrashi.

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